Start with the underlayer

We all want to look good in our clothing, correct?  And, have a polished smooth finish, right?
You must start with good underclothing.  If you haven’t had a bra fitting in awhile.  It is a must!  You don’t want one that digs in and gives you lines or extra skin hanging over.  I personally love the bra-llelujah made by Spanx (especially for tee shirt type fabric).  They are very comfortable, too. (available at Nordstroms) Then, the same with your underpansies~no lines!  Hanky Panky’s are my favorite!  Then,  I have to tell you about “Assets” sold at Target.  They have an undershirt that is rouched in the bust area (very stretchy fabric-so the girls don’t get smashed), the fabric in the torso area is tight (but not too) and it smooths out the “love handles” and then it is double fabric’d and tight in the stomach area.  I love these!  I wear them for extra warmth in the winter, too.  And, the best thing~they only cost $24.99  I tell all my Etcetera customers about them!

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