First Look

I think today it is appropriate to talk about seeing ones face before you see the clothing.  Today, Kate’s dress was a good example of that.  Kate’s dress did not steal away from her face.  You saw her beautiful face first, then you saw her dress.

When picking out an outfit, put it on, stand back and look in the mirror.  Close your eyes and then open them. What did you see first? Clothing or you?  If  the print in your clothing is overwhelming, you are going to see the pattern first and then your face.  Same with the proportion of your outfit.  If your proportions are off~you will see the outfit first.

The size and shapes of the print in your jacket or shirt should match the features and size of the features in your face.

Notice the clothing in your closet that you are not wearing, maybe that may be the reason.

Fashions for you!  Debbie

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