Body Shapes


Do you know your body shape?  If you do, it will make shopping for your clothing much easier and there will be less clothing sitting in your closet unworn.

Let’s start with-
The Rectangle or the “b” body~
Shoulders and hips are the same width
Gains weight in the belly
Straight through the waist or muffin top
Flat behind

The Oval body or the “O” body~
Large busted
Rounded on top, bust, and upper mid section
Fuller figured
Nice legs
Usually size 14 and up

The Triangle or “d” body~
Shoulders are smaller than hips
Narrow waist
Small busted
Gains weight in the behind, hips, and thighs

The Hourglass or “X” body
Shoulders and hips are same width
Narrow waist
Gains weight evenly all over
Balanced proportions

Do you know which body type you are?  Now, you want to embrace your assets and camouflage your least favorite areas.

When shopping with me at my Trunk shows, we will do just that.  It is better to spend a little more and love how you look in your clothing.  Versus, buying several inexpensive pieces and letting them sit in your closet or worse yet, not looking good in them. 

Wearing the right clothing for your body, the right color for your skin, will put a spring in your step.  People will think you have lost weight and look younger.

Fashions for You,  Debbie Vogler


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