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Today, I decided to put myself up for a little challenge.  I do Color Analysis and many times when analysing a lady she may find that she has alot of the wrong colors in her closet.  So, what does she do?  Of course, she might like to go by a whole new wardrobe but that’s not always feasible.

At one of my kikaPaprika shows the other night, a gal tried this “Jessica” top on, along with black kika shorts and was super cute in it.  Of course, I then wanted to be in the color family I am not, as camel is definitely not one of my colors.  Challenge was on~1) make the color work 2) wear this top for a photo, since I didn’t have one of the other 12 different colors.

Here is what I did~I added a pop color, berry red tank, added gold accessories for the sparkle, white pants and crossed the white over in the scarf, which had the gold links and worked back with my belt and earrings.

When you are working with colors in your closet that aren’t the best for you, add a color that is right for you up close to your face.

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