Flower pop

Today, my daughter Danielle is modeling the Amy jacket.  This is a new look for kikaPaprika.
Danielle originally didn’t want to model this piece for me, as she didn’t think it was a good look on her.  I gave her the jacket, she goes upstairs and this is what she came up with~It’s it adorable?
The flower belt added a nice pop of color and created a waist.
Those with a rectangle body or “b”, oval or “o” (straight from hips to shoulders or fuller middle) might choice to wear this style jacket open with darker pieces underneath. If you are an hourglass “x” or triangle “d” have fun with different belts.
She ended up liking the combination so much, that she changed from jeans to dress pants and wore it to her summer job at the bank, where she received many compliments.
How would you wear the Amy jacket by kikaPaprika?
For more information about kikaPaprika, please message me.  kika is looking for more consultants throughout the US and I would be happy to help you start your own business.  Debbie
KikaPaprika is an eco-chic clothing company for women, designed and made in California by a mother/daughter team.

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