Wind, obstacles & blogging

Boy can we tell fall is on its way!  Cooler mornings, drastic temperature changes from day to day and lots of wind (which my flowers are looking very sad and as you can see our yard is too), it’s been very dry.

I have to share with you the challenges of blogging and thought the above and below picture spell it out quit well (and you would get a kick out of the photos)  All the obstacles of normal life that are around (like the spinkler).

And, then there is Mother Nature with the wind and glare of the sun.

So, with all the obstacles that were getting in the way, I headed back inside to shoot the Sami jacket by kikaPaprika.  I love the military inspiration, which is a huge trend for fall.  A big plus for this jacket is the fact that it has stretch, where many jackets are very structured constricting movement.  If you have molding (nice word for fat) or large muscular arms, you will want a jacket with stretch.

This jacket is going to work for all body shapes and looks equally as nice unbuttoned.  The length is going to work for the shorter gals, as well.

Don’t forget your accessories!  Statement necklaces are all the rave.
Do you have a military look for the fall season?

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