Danielle meets Gracie!

Danielle meets Gracie!  The grey jacket Danielle is wearing is called Gracie by kikaPaprika!  As many of you know, I sell 2 women’s clothing lines (1 being Etcetera, which is a dressier line & the other kikaPaprika).  They are both great lines but each has a different need for your closet.  I would love to be able to show you several outfit ideas from Etcetera but the line is at my home only for 1 week each season.  Time allowing, I will try to put some of those outfits on and post them for you to see.  I hope you are enjoying the posts with the kika Paprika outfits that Danielle and I have been putting together for you to see.
I have to say that I love when the sample is not in my size, so that I can request Danielle to be my model.  The Gracie is a heathered fabric, adding a nice interest to each color that is dyed.  The Gracie has a nice flowy collar that is not too heavy and a nice waistband to add back detail.
 Danielle added kika’s yoga pant, which has the perfect amount of stretch and thickness.  Being a college student, she loves to wear them to school as they are very comfortable.  I own them myself in colors that I can’t find in the stores.  If you are looking for a yoga pant that is flattering, I would encourage you to give them try.
You can view both lines~

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