I do believe fall has arrived!  I love the fall weather but unfortunately, I know what comes after fall for Wisconsin and that is long cold winters.
As I had mentioned in a prior blog, layering works very well for this time of the year and it’s not layer with a heavy coat, yet.  Yeah!
Below, is an outfit that I wore to a lunch date with a friend at Pier 500, which is a restaurant downtown Hudson.  I love to go there this time of the year and sit outside for lunch, it is so relaxing and you can see the river.
I hadn’t wore this outfit combination before but I was excited about the results, as I had many compliments while wearing it.  Which is always at booster.

The vest is the “Audrey” by kikaPaprika in the azure color.  Blouse by Carlise (sister company to Etcetera) and denim by the Limited. 

I love the gold color but it is not a color that I can wear by my face, talk about aging oneself.  So, here is how I pulled the gold off.



The Audrey vest can be wore a few different ways.  This way is the longer version.  It has nice detail in the back .  Can you see the “Y”?  You might see it better in a later photo.


Here is a side view.

I accessorized with a very blingy belt from my prior store, a gold handbag with rhinestones, and my new favorite Michael Kors shoes (they withstood the long walk in the airport on my last trip).  This handbag is available For Sale and will be at my Etcetera trunk show, if it’s not sold before.


As I mentioned, the Audrey can be worn different ways.  This is one of the shorter versions.  You turn it upside down and inside out to achieve this look.  This works well when you have a sleeveless dress on or a tank and want some arm coverage.


Here is another shot of the vest in different lighting.  I originally was going to take the photos of this outfit here but I felt it was too dark.  Below you will see my practice shot.  This happens to be a print that has been in my family for a long time.  My parents purchased it because they thought it looked like me. (my mom would fix my hair like that)


I can’t seem to get rid of the large space between photos today, sorry!

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