Feeling blue?

Feeling blue?  Get a mood lift with color.
You won’t feel blue in the color Azure blue from kikaPaprika.  On trend with what is hot, the azure blue is back for the fall & winter season and what a mood lifter.  When it is rainy or dreary outside, I like to wear something with a little color to lift my spirits.  Have you ever noticed yourself not feeling as good when you are wearing darker drab colors?  There is a lot of research below color and how it affects your mood.
I am wearing the “Willow” tunic in azure by kikaPaprika, along with their fabulous leggings. I say that because you can’t see through them or see lumps & bumps.  And, they have just the right spandex.
Accessories-Scarf by kika and fur bracelet available “For Sale” part of my show collection.  Necklace & earrings by Simon Sebbage.  Shoes by Cole Haan.

Do colors affect your mood?  Which colors give you a lift and which tend to make you feel drab?

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