Etcetera trunk show

It’s my Etcetera trunk show week.  Sept. 26-30!
Hopefully, these pictures will give you an idea of how it works.
250-300 pieces of clothing are shipped into my home, I set my basement up like a store or showroom.  You make an appointment, you come and shop and we order the pieces that you like in your size.
 I quickly put on a few pieces and snapped a few shots for you.  So, some of them are really not to my likings of myself.  I love this skirt and sweater.  It is a good example of mixing prints.
This jacket is an azure blue with shining silver buttons.  On trend with color for the fall.
 When I talk detail about Etcetera, this is a prime example.   Drapy neck, detailed sides and arms with character.  And, the skirt~over the top.  Not only does it have the cool design you can see but it has the same color as in the sweater stitched around the pattern of the design.  (hard to see in this photo)
 Hoping you could see the sides of the sweater.  The shelves are stocked with handbags, scarves and jewelry to top off your look at unbelievable prices for these accessories.
 I love the grommets on this sweater!!!!
 Snapshot of setup.
 Not my size (2) but I love this jacket and skirt.  It will be a good neutral but with character.  No basic-basic!  The skirt has an awesome leather band, as seen in the jackets waistband.
 Again, it’s all about detail.  Those are all leather pieces!!!
 Close up!
 OK, the jacket doesn’t go with the pants that I had on yesterday but I wanted you to see the chest detail.
 Here is the suit.  Comes with pants or a skirt.
I have a few available times between now and Sunday evening.  I would love to show you the line and help you find pieces that make you feel fabulous!

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