Organizing Oh My!

Spring Cleaning & Organizing!
When the weather starts to break, doesn’t it just make you want to clean through everything.  As many of you know, I started 52 weeks of organizing and have tried to stay consistent with it.  It is truly freeing to clean through drawers that haven’t been gone through it a long time and get rid of things you just don’t use or need.
As I have been going through drawers, cabinets, and so on and so on, I have been looking for ways to organize different items and areas.  Above is the way that I displayed my winters scarves (which I just boxed up and it is snowing-Again)
 One of my clients, Lauri, takes silver rings and ties the end of the scarf onto the ring.  She has several and they are grouped by color.  Sorry I don’t have that picture.  I would love to know how you organize your scarves and if you have a photo.  Please e-mail me at and I can share it with everyone.
I love to wear skirts and even in the winter with tights and boots.  So, I have a collection of tights.  I found this method very organized and easy to find the color I was looking for.
Jewelry, oh Jewelry!  I have to say “I’m a Collector”.  I love the costume jewelry, the good stuff and everything in between.  Here is how I display some of my bracelets.  That is a multiple pant hanger that they are on!

You will have to look close at this photo, as I had to take a picture of my I-Pad so that you could see this.  My client & friend Lauri, shared this tank idea with me and it works great.  She folds her tanks and stands them up in the drawer.  Now, you don’t have to mess all the ones on the top up as you are digging for a bottom color.
    If you have a favorite idea on organizing your clothing or accessories, please share.  I would love to share with everyone else!

Cheers to organizing and decluttering!

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2 thoughts on “Organizing Oh My!

  1. I absolutely love organizing. The scarves look great. I roll mine and put them in the same type of organizer you used for your tights. I have my tights in the same way as well.Love the tank in a drawer idea too.I have also been planning to cleanse out my closet as I get close to my milestone birthday and re-evaluate everything for age appropriateness not just the fact that they still fit. I also want to invest more in quality than quantity. Just finding the time is the problem. One little area a day is usually how I can manage.Can't wait to see your new hair too and those shots for your hubby will be so much fun!Daphne.

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