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Today, my daughter and I had a few errands to run and before we left I asked her to snap a few photos of my current outfit.  The discussion was where?…..her answer was~by your car mom.  Hence these photos.

For those of you who don’t know me well.  I love cars!  All types!  My bucket list has owning certain cars on it before many other things.  My son is always trying to convince me that I need faster cars, as if I could drive them anywhere at the speeds they are capable of going.  But, it is good conversation with a soon to 16 year old boy.

Do you have a certain car on your bucket list?

Today’s outfit was from the store that I used to own.
Last Tango-top
Cynthia Vincent-shoes
Juicy Couture-cross over fringe bag

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2 thoughts on “Clothes & Cars

  1. Love the black and white with the hot pink. Your poses are looking great too. The car was a great back drop. I haven't though of cars that much. I do like powerful fast cars but love sitting high up on SUV's and I hate to admit it but I love how practical my mini van is with the kids. I wouldn't trade those sliding doors for anything.And this is from the girl that used to say 'shoot me if I ever drive a mini van!'….Daphne.

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