Pro Carts & my Favorite boys-Corrected :)

I don’t believe I have ever done a post with my son in the photo.
Thursday was Parker’s 16th birthday! He is my baby, can you tell by the below photo?  Parker was born 23″ long, isn’t that crazy?  Almost 2′ and he has just kept growing, even when I told him not to grow up.

He has been a great kid.  Laid back, kind and loving, etc.  So glad that God gave him to me.

The above outfit it what I wore for his birthday celebration.
Dinner out and then to go drive Pro-Carts, which was a new experience!  I’ve drove go-carts but not 40mph Pro-Carts.

Yes, I’m crazy about my boy and here is the other boy that I’m crazy about, as well.  Above, is my grandest boy Hudson.  I can’t hardly go 1 day without seeing him or his sister.

Thankfully, he is replacing all the kisses that I used to receive from Parker.  Parker still gives them but not as many.  And, when Parker was young, I called them “chargers”.  His kisses kept me fueled 🙂

I love this picture and I love to make him smile!

Speaking of smiles.  The above picture is my grandest daughter Harlow.  She is always full of smiles.  She is almost always happy & content.

That is truly how she is above.  My daughter, Brooke is making her laugh!

The boys are ready to go!  I had already had the pleasure of my 8 minute ride, which felt like 30 minutes.  40 mph is fast in a go-cart.

The boys are ready~John, Pat and Parker.  And, yes Parker’s shirt tells it all, as he came in First!

We had to wear these fashionable helmet liners.
Harlow doesn’t know what to think about these loud go-carts.
Hope you enjoyed this post and I encourage you to try new experiences!
Have a fashionable week!  Debbie

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