Hair shortening-lengthening changes

Hair Day~Fun Day!
I love hair appointments.  I leave feeling like a new women.  I had been on a mission to grown my hair long but after a major shedding period, I wasn’t liking the way it looked(thus the reason for fewer blogs).  So, I decided it needed to be cut to look healthier.

5 or so inches later, here it is!  Do #1.  I love Ally from Spalon Montage in Woodbury, she is a hair stylist who knows what she is doing (both with a cut and a color)

I know you are thinking, is this the before picture?  It’s not!  This is actually after the cut.  My daughter, Brooke hooked me up with clip in extensions.  Ally cut them to make them transition better.  This is the look I was going for before the shedding.  Now, I can be short one day and long the next.  How fun it that?
  Do you love getting your hair cut?  Will you go from long one day to short the next and then back?
 Here are a few shots I snapped before my hair appt.
Outfit~sweater was from a boutique in California
Pants~The Gap
Belt~W by Worth
Shoes & Handbag~VanEli

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3 thoughts on “Hair shortening-lengthening changes

  1. Oh I do like this cut a lot! Fun idea to use an extension to get it longer if you want. I've seen women get the extensions sewn in at one salon I used to go to. I've always thought this would be fun. I love your new do!blue hue wonderland

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