Halloweenie with Harweenie & fam

Halloween was a lot of fun this year and I am glad I made it that way!
I could have resisted dressing up but didn’t.
The crazy costume brought lots of smiles to peoples faces and even a Thank you from a neighborhood parent, as her daughter loved it when she came to our door.
I had my grandkids at the door with me too, who were skeletons as well
(you we see them below)
Look who arrived!  My daughter, Brooke and her family!
This is grandest daughter Harlow, who we call Harweenie!  I still laugh when I see this picture.
This is a nice close up of their faces!  Brooke is a makeup artist and does a great job!
Harlow had rubbed some of her eye makeup off.  Brooke put it, “She’s a hot mess”, prior to coming over.

Here’s grammie’s boy, Hudson!  The jacket and headband came off almost immediately after arriving.
Hudson really didn’t like the Trick or Treaters at first but quickly started putting the treats in the kids bags.

Harlow opening her Halloween gift, as grammie couldn’t stand the thought of sweets for her precious!

Isn’t he just stinkin cute?
This picture just brings a smile to my face!
Brooke~The one responsible for the great makeup!
Hope your Halloween was a lot of fun!  Debbie

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