Suited up

I love business attire.  I love dressing up.  It makes me feel so much better than running around in sweats.  How about you?
I like my business attire to have some character, though.  Nothing totally basic.  Whether it is details on the jacket or adding jewelry or accessories.  The details take an outfit from good to great!

I do a presentation on “Your 5 second visual resume”.  Did you know that people judge you within the first 5 seconds of meeting you, without you even saying a word?

This is especially important when you are going for an interview.  Is your clothing clean and pressed?  Is your clothing up to date?  Do they properly fit?  If not, your clothing can give off the impression that you are lazy or don’t care.

Your clothing tells a lot about you and how you feel about yourself?

What does your style say about you?  I love meeting with my clients and talking to them about their style, what their interests are and how we present themselves to be their authentic self.

Scarf and Pin-handmade by Christine Mcginnis
Shoes-Cole Haan

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