Shitty Shasta

No, the title is not the most appropriate but a bit of humor in our family.
Our oldest daughter and her on-line purchasing.  Meet the Shitty Shasta.

Our oldest daughter is a very well known makeup artist and the color pink has been part of the  marketing of herself.  And, we aren’t talking the Mary Kay pink, we are talking hot pink.  I looked through all of my photos and couldn’t find one to show you her pink Escalade with eyelashes.  You can visit her Facebook page at Brooke Fleetwood, then you can see what I mean 🙂

The Escalade has been a great marketing tool for her business.  She was what I thought crazy and purchased it off Ebay (I believe).  Anyway, I was certain that she was going to get took or when the car arrived (she had it shipped from Texas) that it was going to be in…. not good condition. A mother trying to protect her daughter from a big mistake.   Needless to say, she got lucky and it came in great shape.

So, she thought she would try this on-line buying, again and ordered this Shasta camper in the photo.  Well….let’s say “It looked better in the photos”.  She thought she might use it for on location jobs….not. Their is not much room inside one of these babies let alone putting a bride and her wedding party in it to do makeup.

It has become a yard decoration in my backyard until she finds a gal from “Bitches with Hitches” to purchase this beauty or if you know someone, let us know.  Hope you enjoyed my true story and the landmark for this photo.

Skirt-Etcetera from this fall
Shasta-For Sale!

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4 thoughts on “Shitty Shasta

  1. Fun story Debbie and this is a cute outfit also. I love the skirt with your jacket and the riding boots are cool. I like the texture of the bag with the print. Great post!blue hue wonderland

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