Trends gone bad

When I first look at this photo, it scares me.  Oh, how the cut of clothing is everything.  This season over sized coats seem to be an “in thing” and this coat proves a point.  Don’t wear clothing just because it is an “in thing”.

I purchased this coat at an Estate Sale, very very reasonably.  I loved the fabric and the buttons.  The coat was too big when I purchased it but took it to have it altered.  They did alter the coat but not enough.

In Hudson, WI we have a Christmas Tour of Home event where 5 homes are put on display, decorated over the top.  It is a really fun event.  My home was on the tour 2 years ago and that year we attended the Black Tie event where you pay extra money and get to attend the night prior to the opening day and are chauffeured by a bus.  And, it is a night, so the houses look twice as beautiful.  Since then, we have been attending the Black Tie each year.

This year, I decided to wear Vintage head- to- toe (well all most, not shoes)

I purchased this dress at an antique store in Hudson and loved the fabric and the beading.  The beading was in perfect condition after all these years.

This photo has my daughter, Brooke’s spa in the background.

And…..this would be Brooke in a trendy outfit, which her mom would never wear.  I would not like the “bra look”, even though you wear less in a bathing suit.

This is a couch in her spa and I “Love It”.
How about that leopard carpet?  Great neutral.

These 2 photos are taken with some fancy camera and lightening.  Good thing I use lots of “lotions and potions” or this could be even scarier than the first picture in the over sized coat.

I’m not used to such close ups!
Dress, Coat & Handbag are all Vintage.
Hope your holiday season is off to a great start.
Thank you for reading,  Debbie

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