Cheery Colored Christmas-Brights!

Each year I like to either change my Christmas tree decorations or modify the color theme (Using what I have).  Over the last several months I have been re-decorating my family room into bright colors.  (note the pink wall and crazy bright recovered chair)

So, this year I thought I would only put ornaments on the tree that match the chair.  Until…. my daughter comes home from college and says “Mom, that is not the Over-the-top tree that you normally do”.  Knowing that her friends were coming over the next day, I took all the ornaments off and started over.  She was much happier.

Only thing missing is the glittery sticks out of the top!

Meet Armani, he is one of our family dogs.  He was purchased for our son, named by daughter, Danielle but he is MY boy.  He is never far from his me.

If you are into the re purposing craze.  The above painting was actually painted onto a backing of an old mirror that went to an old makeup stand.
It is done to look like a snow globe.

The mantel takes a new twist.
This year, my outside theme is snowman related.  I took the white tree that was in my daughter’s room prior, papier mache’d a large balloon, purchased the tall hat back in Indiana and hauled it home, used plastic black plates for buttons and my black rubber boots.
Danielle is the artist in the family (Brooke is the makeup artist, how cool is that) and she is putting the final touches on my work before Frosty goes to the front porch.  More photos of that in another post.
Now for the fashion part 🙂
Top-Last Tango
Skirt-Carlisle (sister company to Etcetera)
I have a passion for Christmas decorating and would love to feature items that you love around your home.  Please send your favorite photos to in an attachment and you just might see your photo on my blog.
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