So the man!

Hello Everyone!
Sorry for my short absence, again.
I have managed to keep myself very busy and have neglected the blogger site.
I have shared with you some of the inside decorating, now here is some of the outside.
This year I wanted to do a snowman theme.  I saw the tree idea on Pinterest.
Please overlook the large bag of sand, as it needs to be covered with batting.

I purchased a large balloon, the kind that has a large rubber band attached and you can punch with.  Remember those?  Then, I paper mache’d the head.  Cut a hole for the carrot and painted on the eyes and mouth.  The buttons are made from plastic plates.


Now, for my outfit~
top & scarf-Gap, purchased for the color
jeans-Miss Me
coat-Nordstom’s old
boots-Ariat, old trusties.  They are so comfortable, I wear them when I go to the Mall of America.

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