Daughter keeps me in line

This is my daughter, Danielle.  Along with being very intelligent, she is also a natural fashionista and very creative.
This is the dress that she wore to church Christmas Eve, even when it was freezing cold out~she still opted for style.
She was contemplating to wear this antique hat, which I just love.  She felt it had too much going on with the dress.
Way cool hat, don’t you think?

This is the outfit that I “thought” I was going to wear to church (trying to stay warm).  Danielle quickly says “mom, that is Not you, you are surely not going to wear that). I talk a lot about “Branding” yourself and this first combination was not being true to myself.  So, we snapped the photo and up I went to change.

This is what I wore.  I would have opted for a black tank but since I had suggested that we wear ivory on top and black on the bottom for our choir group, I had to go with it.
Do your children keep you in line?
Hope you are staying warm,  Debbie

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One thought on “Daughter keeps me in line

  1. Hi Debbie, you two look beautiful in black and white! So classic and right for any time. She does look like you and I see where she gets her stylish ways. I love the white coat in your previous post. I'm been thinking of getting one is this color too.blue hue wonderland

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