No room for error

I recently (within the last 6 mo) joined Rotary in Hudson and have to say that “I really like it”.
I jumped right in and sold roses, rang the bell for the Salvation Army at Christmas, helped at a Christmas meal and this past weekend was the chair of the decorations and silent/live auction committee.

The theme was the 50’s, which I thought would be super easy for decorating.  After surfing the web, Pinterest and I found that most decorations were the pop up cheap looking things.  I didn’t like that idea but found the malt cup idea on Pinterest.  Although I thought they were super cute, I didn’t think they would make enough of a statement, so I came up with the little pub table idea.  Then, adding the balloons really helped make a statement when you walked in the door.

To add fun to the evening, several members dressed up.  Can you tell who I am?

Yep, Sandy (from Grease) when she was a Pink Lady and that is what I was called all evening.
When I titled this post, it was related to my pants.  They were skin tight and I could not have been feasting on everything I was hungry for the week prior.  How come it is, when you want to be good, you are starving and want to eat everything in sight and not in sight and can’t be satisfied?

My daughter, Danielle came along and she got to be “Vanna” for the live auction items.  Everyone loved her and her dancing!
All Curled Up
I cringed every time the hair stylist put another curl in my hair with the curling iron.
Danielle’s new glasses went great with the theme!  She does vintage so well.
The Elvis impersonator!

Dr. Lois Duerst was so funny when Elvis came up to her.  She was reaching her hands out to him but I missed the shot.

Oh yes, I got called up in front of everyone and was given the hat to wear and the cop stick.
John Knutson was the “Jail Bird”
Dick Whitcomb (right) got the award for “Service Before Self”.  I love that guy!  He truly deserved it!
Dick is always serving.
Suzy Q and I
She and I saw eye to eye in everything that we did together related to the Gala!
I loved her hair and glasses
Our night had come to an end!
I believe it was a great time had by all.

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2 thoughts on “No room for error

  1. Ah Debbie you are brighting up the cold MN winter with a good time for all! You look great, cute and fun, and dare I say sexy in this Grease inspired outfit. Looks like a fab evening and you did a wonderful job on this event. I remember the hot rollers and curling irons of my younger days!blue hue wonderland

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