Christmas Home Decorations 2014

Happy New Year to you All!
Hope your Christmas was wonderful.
Sorry for my absence.  I was in a musical called Seussical.  It took up 3 months of my life: 2 months of practice and 15 performances in November. Lots of fun, though.  Then, there was Christmas preparations, shopping and Christmas parties.
Before I take it all down, I thought I would share my decorating for 2014.  I wanted to do this blog earlier but I then had “sign-on” issues.
The front of our home before the snow came with the handmade candy canes.
This vignette was on my front porch.
 One of my faves is the lamp shades outside.
Bringing the inside out.


Enameled antique pieces.
 Table on our front porch.  Another centerpiece I made.
 The urns look great at night when they are lite up.
 Santa’s face will come out and snow flakes will be added.
Dining Room above and below.
 I am into birds, right now.  This print was a gift from a friend.
I especially like it and the little blue bird that both of my grand babies
 love to pick up and carry around.  It fits their hands perfect.
 I removed green balls with bee’s and replaced them with the red ornaments.
 One of the centerpieces I did this year.
Harps and drums were from Bradbury’s Pool Shop, Columbus, IN
many years ago.
 The year my home was on the Hudson Christmas tour,
the roses were real.  I replaced them with artificial.
 I added the red ornaments into the crystal chandelier.  I loved the look.
 I liked the white milk glass this year, along with a few other white pieces.
 Next year, I will be doing a white tree with red & white ornaments.
  New tree, this year.  Living Room.  Loved it.  I wish it would have photoed better.
 I have a few vintage/antique ornaments and liked them of this color of tree.
Sounds like a start of a new collection to me, how about you?
 I have a thing for old luggage.
 The Main Tree in the Family Room!
Last year, I tried to skimp on this tree but my daughter came home from college and let me know that it didn’t represent me.  So, I took it all off and redecorated to the normal standard.
I had to photo the tree without the lights on, so that you could see it.  It has lots of lights!
 I love statement tops.
 These vases sit out all year long.  Added the ornaments for fun.
 The reindeer’s are new, this year.  I thought the whimsy look went well with the whimsical painting.
 Switched out the candle on the tall candlestick and added the large ornament
that is normally on my tree.
 I have so much fun with the antique scale.
 I switch out the treasures on the scale each season.
 Antique flower box.

 New piece, tree from Claire Marie in Seymour, IN.
My friend Janice has a great eye for finds like this one.
 A special gift from a friend, this year.
I believe it came from Claire Marie, as well.
 Greens will be added to this centerpiece, next year.
 I bought the basket very close to Christmas, so it didn’t happen.
 Tree on the bar in the kitchen, adorned with antique ornaments.
 I actually made this Santa years ago.  He is wearing a mink coat.
 He welcomes are guest at the door.

  Lantern filled with ombre shades of lime green and clear balls.
Brings cheer to our daughter’s bathroom.
Gold branches line the upper stair railing.
Hope you enjoyed the tour and it gave you some new decorating ideas.
I like to print out ideas I see and keep them filed for the coming year.
What was your favorite?

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  1. Thank you, Rhonda. I will continue to visit your blog. I leave in Hudson, WI so it gets very cold, so I am not as consistent as I would like to be. I think mixing some fashion in your blogs is nice. Keep up the good work

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