How I track my clothing.

For several years now, I have been in the clothing industry.
I’ve owned a women’s boutique and have sold a few women’s clothing lines,
and still sell Etcetera for women and JHilburn for men.
(now, along with an amazing anti-aging line called Jeunesse, tab on the right)
 Over the years, I have gotten a nice collection of clothing.
So much, that I have 2 separate closets.  1 for summer & 1 for winter.
Who can relate?
 Over a year ago, I decided that I was going to track what I wear where.
So, I created these little circles on my Cricut to do just that.
 Well….this also showed me what I was wearing and what I was not.  Great visual ladies & men.
After last summer (which was very short) here in Wisconsin, I was able to notice that there were
several dresses, skirts & more that I didn’t even put on.
 That then prompted my New Year’s Resolution for not buying summer clothing from January to June.  If I can resist, not buying any summer clothing, it would not be a bad idea for me this year.
Thankfully, I have not been excited about all the busy florals in the stores.
You are probably wondering about the circles.
I came up with colors that represent the different things that I do,
such as attend church, Rotary, or just wear on an ordinary day.  You could have a different color for each organization, etc that you attend.  I then simply just put the circle over the hanger of the item that I wear wherever.
It has been such a good visual for me.  After you realize that you are not wearing several items, it is easier to pass them on to someone else.
Do you track what you wear?  How do you decide what to get rid of?

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2 thoughts on “How I track my clothing.

  1. i start left to right, after i wear it i put it in the back (right) after awhile i see things i skip over in the front (left) after a year i get rid of them. shorts & tanks hang together, tops, pants & jackets hang together.

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