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Hello everyone!
Back to a fashion post.
I’m curious if the last post got you thinking about your closet.
 As I mentioned in my prior post, I have represented a few clothing lines.
Today, I am wearing a line called Kokoon, they are based right here in the Minneapolis area.
Laine Sou, the owner/designer is a very creative and super sweet person.
 I especially like the way that she used 2 types of fabric on the jacket.  Both fabrics are super comfortable and have a nice flow.  I paired the jacket with one of their tops that is not an exact color but  is in the same tones.
Where did I go with this outfit from there?  To my scarf rack.
The scarf I choose has the color of the jacket in it.
Then, I added the Boots!
Visit Kokoon.net and view the spring line

Sunglasses-Michael Kors

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