Growing lashes

Recently I partnered with Monat, as anti-aging hair care line.  The line repairs damaged hair and promotes hair growth.  I have to say, it is like no other hair products I have used.
1 month ago at Conference Monat announced their newest product~Eye Wonder!
As representatives we were able to purchase our first tube.  I immediately started using.
I have used other products that caused irritation or didn’t cause any growth.
I’m happy to say that I have had no irritation probably due to the fact that the product is all natural!
 The above photo is my before photo (dry hair).  Note the lines under my eyes.
The above photo is 1 month of using Monat’s Eye Wonder (wet hair). It is hard to see the growth due to my blonde lashes but if you look on the outer part of my eyes you can see it 🙂  I also have been using Rejuvenqe Oil around my eyes.  I’m seeing improvement in the lines, too!
I didn’t take a before photo with mascara on, so the above photo is the closest to up close and personal of my lashes I could find.  They look like eyeliner versus lashes 🙂

 The above after photo is with mascara and really shows the growth, as blonde lashes are harder to see.  I’m so excited about the growth.  I have tried the extended lashes but am not a fan, they feel crunchy and I rub my eyes too much.  Also, if the person is not extremely good, they will glue them to more than 1 individual lash, which then makes multiple lashes fall out.

 The above photo is a before side view.
 After photo without mascara

 After 1 month usage with mascara.  I’m totally excited about the results.  I can’t wait to see what 2 months brings.

Do you wear fake lashes or are you a natural lash girl grow them myself?

Visit  to learn more about Monat.

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