Welcome to Easter at my home!

Come on in!

These pots had a little transformation. They were just a basic black urn and I took duct tape and striped them. I had actually considered painting them and decided to use the tape so that it could be easily removed after Easter. Which then triggers me to think…July 4, Halloween and Christmas!

Meet Mr. Coral and Mrs. Paris! These bunnies have such great detail. Mr. Coral has such a cute tail and the fabrics are not cheesy. For those who have been following me on Instagram, you will notice more carrots…Green!

This is our family room. It’s nice to see color, again. For a winter theme, I had done all white and silver. Cheers to Color!

OK, I have to confess. I bought a few bunnies. I purchased these at a gift market I attended. I have them upstairs looking out our side window but we have tinted windows and you couldn’t see them from the outside. So, we moved them down to our sunroom for everyone to see when passing by.

I know it is silly to get all excited over tulips but these are so close to the real thing. They even limp like real ones. In this photo you can see my DIY banner. I cut out white cardstock and then printed the Happy Easter out in gold lettering with my Cricut.

Oh and this is where it all began! Carrots! DIY carrots! You can find my video on how to make them on YouTube. I believe I made 40 of them.

Our kitchen table. I’m sure more will be added before Easter. I just can’t resist.

I was excited about how cute this looked. I was thinking about ordering some adorable white bunnies to put at each place setting but needed 10. Right now, my husband is in job transition, so I opted not to do that. I purchased these chocolate bunnies, took them out of the package, which had the blue bow on it. I took the bow off and hot glued it to the bunny itself. Now, everyone has a favor to take come. Bonus!

Hope this post inspires you to try a few DIY projects and bring joy to your home with a little Easter decor.

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