Sunless Tanner

How many of you are with me and have tried numerous sunless tanners? I have tried lots. Most will be too orange, they will streak and to top that off, they will smell bad. How attractive is it too put shorts on and look in the mirror and have what looks like lightening streaks on the back side of your legs. And, that’s after you have walked all over town like that. You are laughing because you know what I’m talking about, right?

NuSkin’s Sunright is my favorite of all I’ve tried. But, I do think there are some secrets to getting a good application.

First, while in the shower, use a body scrub wherever you are applying the sunless tanner. Most scrubs that I use, seem to be a little greasy. So, after using the scrub, wash the areas where you will applying the product with a non-greasy and non-moisturizing soap. Then, rinse off and pat dry. If your knees or elbows are a little dry, I put a light coat of oil on those areas to keep the sunless tanner from absorbing more in those areas. After applying the oil, then put a layer of the sunless tanner wherever it is needed. I suggest letting it fully dry before putting on your clothing for the day. This sunless tanner doesn’t have a bad smell to it.

Are you legs ready for shorts and skirts? If you try to avoid the dangerous rays of the sun, I suggest giving this product a try. The more layers, the darker the tan. You can order straight from my link over on the right, “shop NuSkin” where you will find other great products that NuSkin offers.

Bring on the warmer days! We in Hudson, WI are more than ready, it’s been a long winter.

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