Fashion Friday-mint jacket

Spring! I’m so excited to be getting a glimpse of it!

In the fall, I planted a lot of bulbs (100+) in the layers of these boulders and I am so excited to see them popping up. I think in the upcoming fall, I will have to add a lot more to make even more of an impact. I also need to figure out how to detour the deer. They topped off a few of the plants. Do you know a secret to keeping them away from the plants?

Have a wonderful weekend! Hope it will be nice where you are living,

Jacket-W by Worth (first time to wear it and it is a few years old. I need more clothing to go with it)

Ag Jeans

Shirt-Banana Republic

Handbag-Michael Kors

Shoes-L’Autre Chose

Necklace was beaded by a lady who beads with her feet because of her disability.

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