Probiotics, why?

I have been taking Probiotics for years working to repair the damage to my gut from all the antibiotics that I took over the years and other damage that had been done.

I have tried several different brands but this one is my favorite. It reminds me of the Pixie Stix I used to eat when I was young. I like that it is in powder form as it dissolves quickly and gets to work. With pills and capsules, you never know if they are fully being dissolved and absorbed.

Modere used Encapsulation Technology to bring you Gut Balance.

What good are billions of cells if they don’t make it to their destination~the gut? Modere has answered this with Probiotic, formulated with a guaranteed 5 billion cells that utilizes revolutionary encapsulation technology. The result is a probiotic pack that ensures more good bacteria reach their target (the intestines) alive. In fact, their Probiotic’s good bacteria are so effective, they require 80% fewer strains and colonize up to 5 times better than typical uncoated strains.

Thus, the reason I choose Modere to get good gut balance for maintenance of good heath and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in my gastrointestinal tract.

*convenient stick packs *0 calories *0 sugar, non-GMO, dairy free and soy free *natural, crisp cucumber flavor *tastes great

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