Friday Fashion/digit skirt

Hello Friday! Hope you have had a great week. Our neighborhood is having their yearly garage sale and we are participating for the first time. It would have been nice to be in our new home last year at the beginning of May and got to filter through everything and sale what we didn’t think we needed then.

I have to admit, I do struggle getting rid of some things and especially clothes. I think part of the problem is, I have too much and I don’t wear anything out or even wear it a justifiable amount of times. Growing up, I didn’t have alot of clothes but I have more than made up for it. I have really put a hault on the new clothing purchases and have been shopping my closet.

A friend and I say “we spent 30 years collecting all these treasures and we are going to spend the next 30 getting rid of them”.

Do you have system for getting rid of your clothing?

Jacket_Wby Worth Skirt-Etcetera Tank-Chicos Earrings & Necklace custom made by Diana Wesbrook

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