DIY Patriotic fabric balls

It is looking very patriotic around here. I’ve been working on several projects to share with you. One of the projects is a fabric garland that I graced my staircase handrailing with.

I ended up having strips of fabric left over and the fabric balls are how I have used some of the remaining strips.

Did you know that you can cut small slits on the side of your fabric and then just tear the fabric? It even tears straight (if the printed fabric is straight). It makes this project super fast.

After tearing your fabric in strips, make a mixture of diluted down glue. Then, dip the fabric in the glue and layer the fabric around the Styrofoam balls. Let dry! It’s that easy.

I have got more to make but here is my start. I’ll thinking I will add them to a large bowl.

I purchased fabrics from Walmart and Hobby Lobby. The Styrofoam balls came from Walmart, along with the glue.

Happy crafting!

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