DIY Firework made from PVC for home decor

For those who are new to my website. On Feb. 15, 2019 the company my husband worked for, sold the cabinet division. My husband ran that division. He was told all along that the new company was keeping the management team. On Feb 15, he found out otherwise and lost his job.

Where am I going with this, you may be asking? I have still been able to enjoy our new home and I love decorating for the different seasons. I am watching my spending and have been able to come up with some fun July 4th decorations without spending a lot of money.

These are the floral picks that I am using on the top. The one of the left was taller than I wanted it, so I gave it a trimming.

I used 4″ white PVC pipe that you can find at home building stores for the main part of the firework. We bought 10″ lengths and then cut them to the size I wanted. My husband then sprayed them red for me. It took a few coats, I also considered navy.

I took the above photo from the top, so that you could see how I held the picks in place. That is just floral foam cut to size.

Because they will be going up on the shelves, I didn’t put anything on top of the foam.

Lastly and it was an afterthought, I added the wooden stars and they are just held on with tape. The stripe on the top and the bottom is just duct tape. I put the two floral picks together to add volume.

Here is a full shot of my bookcase and mantel area. I removed my area run, as it was busy enough with the patriotic decorations.

Not everyone may enjoy this much color but it is bringing joy to us in a time that could be very gloomy. We have 2 little grand rascals that love it and that makes it all worth it!

If there is anyone else in my community that are going through the same thing or even other struggles, hang on to the faith that God has something great coming for you.

White 4″ PVC piping-Menards Red spray paint-Menards Floral Picks-Hobby Lobby Wooden Stars-Walmart Duct Tape-Hobby lobby

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