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Do you struggle with finding the perfect calendar or journal for the year? I have tried so many. They are too small, too big, not enough room to write and the list goes on. Then, there is keeping track of my life on my phone calendar…….I’m certain I would accidently put the appointment in the wrong month and I need lots of room for notes. I know there are many people who operate great with their phone calendar but I’m a handwritten book type of girl.

I like to have a calendar that has space for each hour of the day to write in what I have to do at what time. When I have had just a square box to write in, I feel overwhelmed with too much to do. Unlike, when I have the hours of the day and I can write 3 different appointments and visibly see that I have open time the rest of the day. Totally a psychological thing, I know. I also like to have room to write the address and phone number of where I’m going or notes about my client.

I’m excited to share the new “Powerful Journal” that I just purchased. I happened to notice it sitting on my husband’s desk and my thoughts were “how did he run across it?”. It’s way cool! It has a area to mark how you are feeling today, why you are feeling that way, how to feel more energized, projects, etc. These are all perfect for me, as I continue to do self work. Pat mentioned that he likes it because it keeps him on track with the space for each hour of the day.

Here is a glimpse of the inside for you. It is written by Mel Robbins. Mel says is it the secret to 5-4-3-2-1….get sh*t done. Thats exactly how I like to operate.

Cheers to a new planner!

Below is the link to the planner that I purchased off Amazon. It is an Affiliate Link and I receive a small commission when you purchase from the link. Thank you in advance!

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