Fashion Friday-What pant looks good on all body shapes?

There is one pant cut that looks good on all body shapes. Do you know what it is? It’s boot cut. Boot cut pants bring balance. They work great if you are an inverted triangle (broader shoulders), if you are a square shape (usually carries weight in the middle), a triangle (this body shape usually has bigger hips). Boot cut with the slight flare, starting at the knee, offsets fullness at the hips and brings balance for those with wider shoulders than hips.

I know that we are still seeing a lot of skinny jeans but you really need to me careful when wearing them. When working with my clients and they really like a pair of skinnies, I suggest that they wear riding boots with them, as they add more volume to the bottom of the leg. This is a time when a decision needs to be made, do I want to look more balanced and figure flattering or do I want to wear what is in style? Which do you choose?

Make it a great weekend and if you are going shopping try the two styles on and see the difference.

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