How to make cleaning the refrigerator easier

I have to say that I DO NOT like cleaning the refrigerator…at all! When moving into our new home, I searched the web for different ways to organize many different areas of our home. The refrigerator was one!

Are you with me on the dislike of cleaning the refrig out? Removing the long shelves are so awkward, I would run into the walls of the refrigerator and anything else around. Then, you have the rings caused from the jars leaking that you haven’t used in months or maybe years and you have to chisel that gunk off. How about washing the shelves? What a mess, the water goes everywhere and drying them is not so easy.

Here is my solution…….and, I love it! Buy plastic containers, they are a life saver! I wipe the bins out when refilling them, which keeps me on top of the mess. If you have a jar that has leaked, it is super easy to put the bins in the sink and wash them or stick the them in the dishwasher.

Above is another tip for making cleaning easier. I lined the side shelves and the large drawers with picnic table fabric. I will admit, this is not the best but it is working until I find a better solution. The reason it is not the best, the fabric shifts.

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