Favorite Reads on Marriage

Here is where vulnerability comes into play. Marriage! Marriage has been one of my biggest struggles.

I married the first time at age 18. I know, that was very young. Divorced after 7 years of marriage. If only I would have read all of these books prior or even during that marriage, maybe it would have lasted.

Marriage can be hard, when you put two different people from different upbringings with different values, not to mention baggage together it can be difficult. I have now been remarried for 27 years and it too has gone through a lot of struggles. “I” and “we” but more “I” than “he” have been ready to throw in the towel but I became determined to try to make it last. One of my favorite quotes by Tony Robbins is “You will bring YOU to the next marriage”. With that thought, I decided I needed to do all the work I could and the main work to be done was the work on myself. I have absorbed myself in books (did I mention, I don’t really like to read?) and podcasts & recordings on YouTube. I will sometimes listen to a recording 3 times to try to engrave it in my mind. Remember, at mid-life things sometimes just don’t stick.

Giving up the family dynamics was a horrible thought. Our children know that we have struggled, which I don’t like but hopefully they too notice that relationships of any kind are hard and take a lot of work.

If you are going through a rough time, pick up one of the books or several, listen to books on Audio. I find the Audios great, as I can listen to them in the car. You never know, one of them may really speak to you.

Below are some of the favorite books. Click on the book and it will take you straight to purchase. I am an Amazon Affiliate and make a small commission when you purchase from the links. Thank you in advance!

Stacy’s book is a Workbook. You can join one of her classes and learn from her while you do the work. She is a precious and sincere person.

If you read or have read any of these books and find them helpful, please comment below. If you have read any other books and found them to be especially, please share with myself and my followers. Thank you!

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