Fashion Friday-distressed jeans

On one of my Facebook posts, I had asked, “What is your favorite brand of distressed jeans?” Then, the question popped up, “What age is it still appropriate to wear distressed jeans?”

I think that comes down to comfort zone. At age 54, I am still comfortable wearing them. I like to dress the top up, so it is not an overall grunge look. Many times, I will have a blazer on, too. I add jewelry and a heeled shoe, as well, as in this photo. These white jeans are super comfortable, as they are a boyfriend cut and they have lots of stretch. What does happen is there is usually holes at the knee area and I end up busting them way open. At that point, I cut them off and make them frayed shorts.

My husband took the picture, so I asked him from a man’s point of view what he thought and he said he likes them.

So, if you are comfortable in ripped jeans, go for it! Age is just a number!

Shirt, jeans, shoes, jewelry are all shopped from my closet. The belt is the only semi new item that I have on and it is from Chico’s. This outfit would be easy to duplicate in different color ways.

Have a wonderful weekend! My daughter and her family we be coming to stay, as she has VRBO’d her home out for the weekend.

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