Thinning brows-what I did!

The first thing we should talk about is why do the brows get thinner? It can be due to infection, skin conditions, hormonal changes, or an overactive immune system. Nutritional deficiencies, physical trauma, or emotional stress can also cause thinning brows.

I believe one of the top reasons is because of hormone change as we age. My brows were looking like digits, not brows (half there) I have very light eyebrows and then with the thinning of them, it was not a good look. I wish we would have taken a before photo. I put up the picture of me working on July 4th decorations and you can see my lack of eyebrows in that photo.

Our brows play an important part of highlighting our eyes. In the photo above, Brooke has drawn on the shape of brow that she is going to create (with my approval). I have put my ear buds in because I am a little nervous, I’m going to jam the music to ease the pain or nervousness.

The brow area is not numbed. Brooke says that if you numb the area, the blading will not last as long. After we agreed on the shape of the brow, the process of etching the skin begins. Brooke etched very fine lines in my brow areas that look like hairs. Then, she applies the dye and now I have full brows. I believe you have to be an artist to do this as well as she does. You should see her Halloween makeup, it’s incredible.

Now what happens~they will scab over and peel and a much more natural brow line will appear. I’m not to get them wet. Brooke suggested that I cover them with a Tattoo goo when taking a shower. In 3 months, I am to get a touch up.

I have wanted to have this done for a long time but procrastinate, as I was too chicken. When working for her, I noticed ladies of all ages having it done. So, I mentioned it to Brooke and she shows up with the tools to do the procedure when she was spending the weekend. It was not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

You are all probably wondering how I can be laying on my own counter top having this procedure done.

For those of you who are new to my sight, Brooke is my daughter. She is a licensed makeup artist and Aesthetician, she is also a licensed tattoo artist. I used to tell people that her clients come a distance (thinking 30 minutes) to have work done by her. Well, I worked for her last summer and that was an understatement. They come from everywhere to have work done by Brooke. If you are contemplating getting brow blading done, really check out the persons work. It doesn’t pay to go to the cheapest person on the block or the one that has no wait to get in. See real peoples results, not ones that can be taken from the Internet and posted to another persons website.

I’m getting the Royal Treatment. In the above photo, Brooke is curling my eyelashes (similar to a perm).

If you would like to schedule your own appointment, check out her makeup line, have a makeup trial run, etc., go to

Be watching my future posts for my outcome. Let the healing begin!

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