IV therapy for energy

Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce to you Kelly Lupo (thehealthywomendoc). Kelly was a classmate of my daughter, Danielle Vogler and friend. They both just graduated as Naturopathic Doctors at the end of June. Kelly recently posted about IV therapy and she gave me permission to share it with you.

Came thru drippin💧

IV Therapy is one of my favorite ways to get in all your necessary vitamins and nutrients. It’s like a super multivitamin straight into your system without having to take a bunch of capsules.

Did you know that with oral forms of vitamins and nutrients, our body only absorbs a small percentage (as little as 20-30%)? If you have poor gut health and problems absorbing, that percentage will drop even more and you may not be getting in adequate amounts that you need despite taking daily supplements. IV therapy can be a great way to bypass this issue and get essentially 100% of the nutrients straight into the blood system to be utilized by the body.

IV’s are commonly used for:

🍊Energy boost

🍊Immune boost

🍊Colds and flus




🍊Poor absorption

🍊Chronic infections

🍊Complementary cancer care and more!

Many individuals get a monthly IV drip to keep on top of their health. I love getting one this time of year for back to school and flu season prevention. If you have a certain condition, your doctor may prescribe a series of IV’s specific to your needs.

I feel I need to start having them. I have always heard that pills don’t absorb fully or hardly at all. Have you had an IV drip?

If you would like to learn more from Kelly, follow her on Instagram at thehealthywomendoc she is a wealth of knowledge

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