What Not to Wear made a mistake

How many times have you been shopping and the stylist tell you that you look good in something and you know you don’t? Usually your gut feelings are correct. You don’t necessarily know why but you just don’t feel good in an outfit.

Above is a cute gal that was on “What Not to Wear” and I happened to be watching this episode. The outfit above is one of the outfits they dressed her in at the end. “A good outfit”. Although the outfit is cute, it is not exactly right for her body shape.

Here is the reason why. She is a Triangle body shape, which means her shoulders are smaller than her hips. You may or may not have heard me say this before but you want to highlight your assets and camouflage the areas you don’t like or of concern. In this gals case, she is smaller on top and has larger hips than her shoulders. The stylist is highlighting her hips and camouflaging her upper body, which is not the most flattering. If they would have reversed the outfit and had yellow on the top and leopard on the bottom, it would have been much more flattering.

This photo above, shows a good example. Another piece of clothing that looks good on this body shape is straight leg trousers (they come straight off the hips). I also recommend a vest on top, which transitions from the upper body to the hips well.

If you are a Triangle Body shape, I hope you found this post helpful. If you are not this body shape, please share it with your friends who might benefit from these tips.

Make it a fabulous Fashion Friday!

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