Glass film Dilemma

If you didn’t see my Facebook post today. I am trying hard to remove the film that I have on several glasses. I used a DIY dishwasher detergent that let a horrible film on almost all of my glasses.

I shared this fact on Facebook and had a great response on recipes or products to try to get it off.

Here is what one of the glasses looked like.

I went to Wally World and bought the Cascade Platinum pods and a Finishing Rinse. I also bought Lime-A-Way and Lemi Shine.

The very first thing I tried was running them through a cycle with the Lemi Shine with no success.

Then, I tried using the Magic Erase, which I had also tried some time back, along tried Norwex paste. Neither worked. I tried soaking them in a tub with full strength vinegar. Nope, no improvement.

I tried the Ammonia with Lemon juice and the glass shows the results-didn’t work.

In another bowl, Clorox…..see the lines? ugh

I sprayed Lime-A-way on another glass…didn’t work.

I tried the Lemon essential oil…..nothing.

After all this effort, I think it is etched in the glass. The DIY detergent must have been too abrasive. Looks like all my glasses will be going to recycling.

Thank you to everyone that shared their suggestions. I’ll be shopping for new glasses soon.

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