Take an outfit from Good to Great

How many of you run around home looking like this? Or, maybe you are in your active wear? I work from home, so I don’t really have much of a need to dress up (although I love to and take every chance I can to dress up). I call myself the “Jean Queen”, when I’m at home. In the winter, it’s jeans and a turtle neck.

If this is what you wear most of the time but need to go get the kids from school or you need to run a few outfits but would like to kick it up a notch or two, here are some quick tricks. Remember, you never know who might be your next boss or if you are single, ask you out.

  1. Add a jacket and truly the jacket is enough to look like you took some time to put your outfit together. Have a neutral color on hand, such as a khaki or a grey will usually work with most everything.
  2. Add accessories, the bling takes an outfit from Good to Great.

I wore this outfit to Rotary today. Usually, I dress up a little more but it was pouring down rain and after our meeting, I had the yearly mammogram. I added black pumps and off I went.

Do you remember the tip I taught in one of my earlier blogs about the jacket sleeve length? Did you notice a difference on you?

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