How to fix broken blush or eyeshadow with 1 ingredient

Have you had this happen to you? Yes, I dropped it. I would take this trio color blush/bronzer/highlighter with me when I travel, since it is much easier than taking 2-3 products along (I normally use my daughter’s makeup line, BB Cosmetics). After one of my trips, I dropped it before putting it away. It has been sitting around for quite some time waiting for me to try to fix it. That day came. I searched Pinterest and here is what I found.

70% Isopropyl Alcohol works! I added drops of the alcohol until all the broken pieces were covered. Then, I took the plastic shield that coves with the product and tapped it down a little (you could also use plastic wrap). Let it dry and WaLa…. It truly was that simple!

Mine doesn’t look so pretty because the two colors are more mixed together because I couldn’t really several the broken pieces but it did work. Now you know that you don’t have to trash your broken makeup.

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