Mid-life weight gain

There are so many reasons that we mid-lifers can gain weight at our age.

Here are a few~ 1) Hormone imbalance This is a big one. Having a hormone profile done will quickly help you find out how your hormone levels are. I see a BioIdentical hormone specialist and he recommends a urine collection during the course of the day. Other doctors will suggest blood work, which some insurances will cover.

2) Water retention You could be holding water for numerous reasons. Blood work will help you discover why that might be.

3) Incomplete emptying of the colon (this swelling occurs underneath the belly button area.) I didn’t realize this was a real issue. I recently was at an appointment and the doctor stated that as we age the colon doesn’t always empty as it should. Did you know that you should have at least 3 bowl movements a day? One after each meal. I sure didn’t.

There is a lot to learn to maintain good health. I encourage you to check each piece of the puzzle. We have a lot to accomplish and want to feel great doing so.

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