Closet Audit

The seasons are changing! This is a great time to do a closet audit, purge and organize your clothing.

Here are things to do to make it easier~

Preparation A. Pick a day when you have a lot of energy B. Fix hair and apply makeup C. Rent or buy a roller rack

  1. Remove everything from your closet
  2. Begin trying on clothes. Ask yourself these questions~ a. Do I still love it? b. Is it in style? c. Is it my color? d. Is it right for my body proportion? e. Does it fit my personality? f. Have I used/wore it in the past year? h. Is it repairable/worth repairing i. Do I really need it (not just want it)?

Return the clothing to your closet that makes you feel great and brings you joy!

Put in piles~ 1. Clothes that need alternations or repair 2. Donating 3. Selling

Make a list of pieces of clothing that you need to complete outfits. Then, GO SHOPPING!

These 3 photos are of my closet before we moved in to our new home. Oh how I wish the closet could stay looking this good. 🙂 The shoe area already needs to have all the shoes pulled off and the shelves dusted.

I do have to say that I like having the washer and dryer in the closet. I think it only works well because of having the island in the closet and having it available to fold clothes.

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