More closet talk

In my blog titles “Closet Audit”, I talked about cleaning through your clothing and deciding what to keep.

Now, let’s talk more.

Your closet, like the clothes you are wearing should have what season it is in it. Move your off-season clothing out or to the back of the closet. I also suggest covering them to keep the dust off. I usually drape dry cleaner bags over them.

If you had a hard time deciding what to keep and what to get rid of, invite a friend over who will be honest with you on what to keep and what to get rid of.

Now to sort~ You should have already sorted what to donate, repair and what needs something to go with it.

On to accessories~Scarves work great in baskets or shallow drawers. I even fold them the Maria Kondo way. This way I can see every scarf I have and don’t pull out all the ones on top of the ones on the bottom. Gloves work great in baskets and I keep mine in with my outerwear.

Belts~I personally love mine on a tie rack. I can pull it out and see what I have. Putting an over-the-door rack with hooks would work great too.

Jewelry~OH jewerly! I have a collection and have it in different locations. For my long necklaces, I have a different style tie bar that has lots of hooks and that’s where they go. My earrings, I like in trays but the old plastic ice cube trays work really well. Bracelets store great in baskets or on a jewelry bar and the other necklaces in jewelry trays. This is what I do for mine. If you have other great ideas, please share with us all!

Shoes~I used to keep mine in the boxes and still like that idea. I have shoe shelves now but I have to say “they collect dust”.

Bags~I think lining them up works best and stuff them with dry cleaner bags.

Lastly, to give it a more boutique look.

~upgrade your hangers. I have tried a few types and the thin felt hangers won for me. They give you more space 🙂 and the silky shirts don’t slip off.

~Group likes with likes. Pants with pants, blouses with blouses and skirts with skirts. Then, organize by color, lighter to darker.

~Be creative with the space. I love having a double bar area. This way I can hang the blouses on the top and trousers on the bottom. I also like having cubed areas for folding jeans and for sweaters. Handbags work in cubed areas, as well.

~Organize the shelves with shelve dividers and baskets.

~Add boutique touches. You could paint the back of the wall a different color or I painted my ceiling. Add fancy hooks. I love my pull out bar for putting an outfit on that I’m wearing the next day. At some scent packets.

Hope these closet tips help your closet be more enjoyable to be in!

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