Framing the eyes

Great shaped and full brows, along with beautiful long lashes are the framework for your eyes. I have never had great brows, as they are so light and thin on the outsides, thus my need for brow blading. My lashes just don’t seem to grow long. I have tried so many lash boosters with little results. I have used false eyelashes when attending events but have to have my daughter put them on because I stink at applying them. I have also did lash extensions and don’t care for them.

I have a couple girlfriends who live in California, that always keep me up to date on the latest and greatest products that I should try. Well, here is the latest. I was very optimistic on if they really would be easy to use….they were Super Easy! Then, I was concerned about magnetic liner around your eyes. Tori Belle has a video by a doctor and that was cleared.

I tried them, loved them, so I have to share them with you! They are reusable…..bonus!

If you are interested in trying them yourself, here is a link to order

Here are a few of the lash styles. They also offer, eyebrow kits. For a complete “eye attention”.

Have you tried magnetic lashes, yet?

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