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Feeling chronically fatigued, run-down, sick often, or maybe some digestive issues? Check your sleep.

We know that impaired sleep overtime will make us feel tired and less alert, but so much is also affected underneath the surface.

Sleep is vital for replenishing our energy sources, growth and repair, maintaining the immune system, resetting metabolism, producing hormones, and so much more. So it’s quite possible that your poor sleep is contributing to your current state of health.

Another important factor to consider is that some common sleep medications will interfere with your natural sleep cycle. Essentially they will keep you asleep longer, but limit your REM, or deep sleep, causing you to still feel groggy in the mornings.

Here are some tips for quality sleep:

πŸ’€ Aim for 7-9 hours per night

πŸ’€ Start your bedtime routine at the same time every night

πŸ’€ Avoid stimulants/caffeine after 3 pm

πŸ’€ Avoid eating large meals 2 hours before bedtime

πŸ’€ Avoid electronics at least 30 minutes before bed

πŸ’€ Take a warm bath before bed

πŸ’€ Invest in blackout curtains

πŸ’€ Utilize red light therapy (blue light keeps you awake)

πŸ’€ Switch to herbal medicines or supplements that support natural circadian rhythm

I (Debbie) have been using HGH gel for over a year now. It helps me sleep like a baby and oh do I dream. If I take a short break, I’m back to waking up. I also like the other benefits I receive from this product.

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What are some things you do for a good night’s sleep?

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