Fashion Friday-Mother of the Bride Dress purchase

I thought I would share my shopping experience for a Mother-of-the-Bride dress. I purchased two and returned 1 and it was that simple. Truly! The first dress I purchased was from Nordstrom’s and it was like $300. It looked good but had a higher neckline and was a little clingier fabric. It was navy and that was on the choice of colors. I then went to a consignment store near us and was looking for Harlow a Junior Bridesmaid dress, which I was successful and found a really nice dress for her. It was ticketed $60 and I ended up getting it for $30. After a dress has been there for a certain period of time, they mark them 1/2 off. I was so excited and Harlow loved it!

I then decided to look at dresses that were appropriate for Mother-of-the-bride dresses. They had a great selection. There were a few that I could have went home with but decided on the above dress with jacket. The dress had no straps, so I had the clear adjustable straps added by a seamstress, just in case I wanted to take the jacket off and didn’t want the top of the dress to fall down while dancing. The dress was originally priced at $475 and I bought it for $60. I was so excited and couldn’t wait to tell my husband and daughter.

When I teach clients how to spend there money on clothing, I talk about it as it were a pie. You want to put most of your money in the clothing you where often. This mother-of-the-bride dress will not be wore often. In fact, it will probably only be worn again, if I have an event to attend and it is fitting. I was very excited that it fit in to the category of low price and little wear.

Have you had to purchase a MOB dress and how was your experience?

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